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A First Look at Emma Thompson playing P.L. Travers in upcoming Disney biopic Saving Mr. Banks

Most Disney enthusiasts have seen the classic footage of Walt Disney escorting Mrs. Disney down the red carpet at the World Premiere of Mary Poppins (and if you haven't you can watch it below). Perhaps the pinnacle of Walt's career. Which leads up to ask one question. How will this be portrayed in the upcoming movie about Disney's pursuit of acquiring the rights to the story from author, P.L. Travers?

P.L. Travers (portrayed by Emma Thompson) arrives at the World Premiere of Mary Poppins.

Footage from 1964 at The Gala Premiere of Mary Poppins.

Thompson was seen for the first time in the role on the set this past Friday. Looking sophisticated in a white dress with a blue pashmina as they shot scenes on location in Hollywood. The 53-year-old actress wore her hair in tight curls and carried a white beaded clutch bag for the filming.

Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers
In these first look pictures, we can see Emma Thompson looking extremely regal as she plays the role of Travers.

Classic footage brought to life in Saving Mr. Banks.
Walt spent 14 years trying to persuade Travers to allow him to make a film of her children's story.

Mary Poppins went to become one of the studios' most beloved films and starred Julie Andrews in her Hollywood debut as the magical nanny. Dick Van Dyke played a one man band who befriends Poppins and the children under her charges.

Travers had been reluctant to sell the film rights, due to her personal connection to her creation, but Disney eventually won her over.

She had held out from selling the film rights as she did not want the film to be animated by the Disney Studio.

Travers was so upset when the film was released featuring animated sequences that she never worked with Disney again.

Thompson will be joined by Tom Hanks in the role of Walt Disney, when the shooting schedule continues Nov. 6-7 on location at Disneyland.

Saving Mr. Banks is due for release in December 2013.

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