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Exciting News About The Orlando Vacation Tips Blog

Greetings Disney Enthusiasts!

Well it's been a good first few months. The blog received a record breaking amount of views yesterday, and I wanted to thank you all for visiting and telling your family, friends, Aunts, Uncles, dogs, cats, and everyone else! It feels really great to know that you are all out there reading the updates. I just wanted to let you know that there is also a comments section at the bottom of every post and you are all more than welcome to share your opinion on the topic with others. You can really help the blog to grow by joining in with everyone.

I have some exciting news about upcoming things on The Orlando Vacation Tips Blog.

First. I'm pleased to announce that there is a book on the way which I have entitled, "175 Orlando Vacation Tips: Avoid long lines, save on merchandise, and make the most out of your Orlando vacation." This ebook will feature 175 of the BEST Orlando Vacation Tips that I've learnt from visiting, living, and working in the Orlando area! 20 of which you can view on this blog (don't worry, there will still be lots of good advice and tips updated on the OVTips blog, but none of which will be in the book). It has gone in for editing now and you will be updated as soon as it is ready.

Which leads to the next topic. Updates! You can now enter your email address into the updates box to the right --> to receive my weekly newsletter with the latest news, and a few tips based on the Orlando Theme Parks and Resorts! I absolutely promise that there will be NO spam mail and all the topics will be relevant to the blog and the news from the Orlando attractions. I love that you all are reading and I don't want you to think that I'm just trying to spam you as some bloggers do. :o)

And my last point. I'm very exited to announce that I have a short series coming up. In "Disney: Fact or Fiction?" I'm going to uncover some of the myths that have been tied to the Disney company, and once and for all prove them True or False.

Once again thank you all so so much for visiting the blog and I invite you again to subscribe --> and comment below. Like Orlando Vacation Tips on Facebook. Follow @OVTips on Twitter. Let me know your views, what you want to hear more about and what you don't want to hear about. This blog is for YOU so I want you to enjoy the content.

Have a magical day!

- James

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