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Where is the Best Place to Watch Wishes at Magic Kingdom?

So I was browsing the forums over at theDIBB recently and came across a very good question indeed.

Where is the best place to watch Wishes, the fireworks at Magic Kingdom?

In this post I'm going to offer my thoughts and views on the different locations, as well as the views of others. Click read more from this post (above) to view the full article.

Firstly, for those of you who don't know what it is, theDIBB is a great website based around the theme parks in Orlando. Much like my blog here, it has some very useful information and advice for Florida goers.

Now Onto the Main Question

So the original question on the forum went like this,

"We're going to see the Wishes nighttime thing on Wed and I was wondering where's a good place to get a spot to sit for a good view and a decent exit afterwards?"

Now the best location all depends on what the person/ group is looking to do afterwards. For instance, it would be no good for someone who wants to make a quick exit from the park to watch the show from Fantasyland, having to battle the crowds who are all trying to do the same thing. But then again watching the show from a place close to the park exit and wanting to stay in the park for a few hours after is a complete waste of an opportunity to get closer to the show. So before making the decision, decide where you are going when the fireworks have finished.

For a Quick Exit

If you are looking to get your cranky kids (or parents) back to your accommodation in the fastest way possible, the best place to view the fireworks would be the front end of Main Street. There is a great seating area on the first level of the Main Street Train Station, although I would advise you get there a few hours before the show, which is just in time to make it an excellent viewing spot for the night time parade too! The only bad part about this location is that you won't get to see the end of a certain "arial trickery" to do with Cinderella's "washing line" (I hope I covered that up well enough for little prying eyes).

Also if you are attending a special holiday event (such as Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party or Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party) the show turns into a sort of 360 degree experience, so you may not be able to get the full effect of having fireworks all around you. Other than that, this is a great firework viewing spot!

When the show is over, remember to check the line for the Magic Kingdom monorail and if it is MEGA busy just hop on the Resort line for a quick trip to the Transportation and Ticket Center (or of course your Magic Kingdom Resort hotel).

If You Want to Be Closer to the Fireworks

So I understand that some of my readers may totally forget how dangerous fireworks can be and get so excited about being at Walt Disney World that they actually want to be IN the show! (Just a joke, you are always safe at all the Disney parks). But if you want to get a real close up view, then the Hub is the area for you.

The Hub is the circular section located in front of Cinderella Castle that links all of the lands together. Now I've seen Wishes in every spot imaginable. The Hub, Main Street, Fantasyland, Frontierland, the bridge to Tomorrowland, the Polynesian Resort beach, the Grand Floridian, Bay Lake Tower, Fort Wilderness Campground beach, around the back of the park at Disney University, and in lots of hidden places that Guests don't usually get to go. Out of all these places in the front section of the Hub has to be the worst!

The main reason I don't like being in the front section, and by that I mean between Walt and Mickey's "Partners" statue and Cinderella Castle, is because the castle can completely block your view of the other fireworks. One time I had just finished eating dinner at Cinerella's Royal Table (a restaurant inside the castle) and we ended up VERY close to the castle to watch the show. It wasn't nice at all and I had a HUGE crick in my neck from having to look directly above me. I definitely did NOT have a magical time!

The BEST Place to Watch Wishes

All that being said, as long as you stay towards the back of the Hub you will have the best experience possible. Although I would suggest that you stay towards the right of the Castle to get a better view of "Cinderella's washing line."

In my opinion, and to many others, the best place to watch Wishes is from the seating area just outside of the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at the Castle end of Main Street (it will be on a park map if you're unsure of where it is). If you can get seats there you will have an awesome view of all parts of the show. However, I do think this is another "get there a few hours before the show" deal.

The pros of this viewing area:

 No standing. A great place to give your legs a rest.

 Not too close, but not too far away, from the Castle.

 You will see every part of the show, and you won't have to strain your neck looking up.

 There will be nobody blocking your view. There is a garden valley area in front of the seating area. So the people in front of you will be many yards away, giving you a great clear view.

The cons of this viewing area:

 You will have to get there a few hours in advance. Meaning missed time on the attractions. Maybe get a non-rider to save a few seats for you. My grandma will usually do this.

 You will have to join "the stroller races" as I like to call them, and race everybody to the park exit. The best way to beat the "races" is to take an escape route through the emporium side shops of Main Street.

So hopefully this article has given you some ideas of where to watch the show. If you ever have any questions or are wanting advice on a particular part of your Orlando vacation, please feel free to email me at and I would be more than happy to help you.

What is your favorite place to watch Wishes? Let everybody know in the comment section below!

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