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Monsters University is Now Online! Apply Today!

Monsters University is now online! Disney have unveiled a brand new site, mimicking a stereotypical University website.

"Since MU's founding, we've offered only one program -- Scaring -- a tested and proven path to developing the most elite scarers and in world. 

Undergraduates receive a broad overview of scaring theory and training in the classic techniques and approaches to fear. Graduate and doctoral programs allow students to participate in the intense study and specialization in particular aspects of scaring, with the aid of a close mentorship with a faculty member." - Just some of the comical reading material available on the website.

A map of the University.

The website includes an academic calendar, book lists and faculty listings (with names such as Dr. Tawny Van der Slime and Dr. Rufus Oozeman, who "Received a patent on his scream canister filtration design").

And for all potential athletes hoping to attend the University, the lacrosse program is sure to catch your eye. They boast equal opportunity, for both monsters that are playing on the field and those that are being used as sticks.

The website even has an online MU store where you can load up a shopping cart with a ton of apparel branded with the school logo. Upon checking out you will be kindly directed to the real life Disney Store website to make your purchase.

A commercial for the University recently aired during the real life 2013 Rose Bowl.

But prospective students of the Monsters University will not be able to apply until next semester when the application process begins. Maybe this will be a new feature that Disney will develop, as there is already a student login portal displayed. Only time will tell.

For more information about studying for a great career in scaring, and to apply in the future for a place at Monsters University you can head on over to

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