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10 Things to Pack When Visiting a Theme Park


So you’ve got your tickets, you’ve booked the travel and accommodation, now all you need to think about is packing. “But wait. What things do I need to take to a theme park?” I hear you ask. Outlined below I will tell you the top ten things that you should always remember to take to the parks with you.


Perhaps the most important thing to remember! Florida can get pretty darn hot, even during the winter months. Even though the sun isn’t shining, you can still get sunburnt through the clouds. Pack it!


Bringing a reusable bottle of water (or any liquid for that matter) can be an absolute lifesaver during those hot days out. Once you’ve consumed it all, you can go to a nearby water fountain, refill it and reuse it again.
Tip: We usually freeze our drinks (non-carbonated) when we head to the theme parks. This allows them to stay freezing cold all day long.


You would be surprised at how many people actually forget their camera. Yes most parks have photographers (that charge big bucks for prints) but if you want to take your own photographic memories, remember that camera! There are often signs displaying photo opportunities or character meet and greets, so be on the look out.

Comfortable Walking Shoes

Think about how many miles you will be walking during one day. You will probably forget how much you actually travel, as you will be having too much fun! But wearing uncomfortable footwear and getting blisters all over your feet can really spoil your day. This is especially true for your children because they will get really cranky!


Or even a credit card. You will most definitely need to bring some cash with you. There is a heck of a lot of shopping to be done. Wouldn’t it be a shame if you forgot your wallet? Most of the things that you can buy in the Orlando theme parks are not like regular theme parks. Most other parks have a load of junk that you REALLY shouldn’t buy! But at the Orlando theme parks (especially EPCOT) there is a lot of really neat merchandise that you can buy.


Often when working at EPCOT I would ring someone up for their purchases, and they would hand me their credit card which was unsigned... Now Disney have a rule where they can’t accept unsigned credit cards without an ID (drivers license or passport). Also if you want to consume any alcohol (and are of course over 21) you will need proof of your age. Especially when “drinking around the world” at EPCOT.

Zip Lock Food Bag

A food bag?! Is this guy serious? YES! But not to put food in. Picture this. You’re on a water ride going down the highest drop, your raft plunges into the water and covers you completely. But wait! You left your cell phone in your pocket and now it’s totally water logged and won’t switch on. Wouldn’t it be seriously cool if you had a zip lock food bag to put it in so it would be protected against water? Pack it!

Cell Phone

And what good would a food bag be without your cell phone? But more importantly, what happens if you lose your younger children in the crowds and have no way to be contacted? (Don’t panic - happens all the time and security are prepared). Ok so the best way to prevent being split up for a few tear-jerking minutes, is to take a pen and write your cell phone number on your kids arms so that they won’t forget your number to contact you. Make sure you tell them that IF you get separated they should go to a park employee and tell them you need to contact the number on their arm. You will soon be reunited.

Poncho/ Rain Jacket

Sure they sell them inside the park, and they also charge mega bucks for them. My best advice is to buy them from Walmart or Publix. The average price at the parks is around $8. Walmart price? $1.
Fun Fact: Did you know that Disney keep their ponchos locked away in a cupboard until it rains? As soon as we heard the storms we made a mad dash to put them on display. Time to make some money for the Mouse... But seriously. Buy from Walmart. They may not be the best quality but it will save you 7 bucks.

Change of Clothes (including underwear) or a Swimsuit

Remember earlier on when you were plunged into the rivers of that water ride and got totally drenched? Well imagine having to walk around all day with soaking wet clothes! I’ve done it before. Sure the hot sun will dry you a little bit, but if you don’t pack a change of clothes you will be truly miserable for a few hours. And you’re meant to be having fun!

In conclusion, as long as you remember these things, you are sure to have a great time! Have I forgotten something? Be sure you tell me over on The Orlando Vacation Tips Facebook page!

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