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Where is the best place to see Illuminations at EPCOT?

After my article about the best place to watch wishes, another reader asked me the question, "Where is the best place to see IllumiNations at EPCOT?" So in this post, I will be counting down the top 10 places to see the firework show at EPCOT.

10. Italy

On the raised part right in front of the lagoon there is a great spot to view the show. I’ve often seen it used for private dining parties, but you can still stand nearby.

9. Mexico

Another great spot lies on the bridge connecting future world to the Mexico pavilion. It tends to get quite busy so if you want to be right by the railing facing the lagoon, I'd advise to get there early.

8. Outdoor terrace at Tokyo Dining

It's always a pleasant experience to step outside of the Tokyo Dining restaurant to view the firework show. Most Guests tend to flock to the front of world showcase so on times it's often very quiet here.

7. The Rose and Crown Dining Room

If you manage to get a table booked at the Rose and Crown, your server will kindly allow you to stand outside to watch the fireworks. If you have a young child with you, they may be selected for a "magical moment" where they can be the one to set off the first firework. Please note that this is limited to one child (or family of children) per night.

6. La Cantina de San Angel

Grab a seat by the lagoon and watch the show while snacking on some nachos. Remember that the noise level in this restaurant can get quite loud before the show starts, but pretty soon you'll be cheering "arriba, arriba" as you watch the fireworks above.

5. World Showcase Plaza

Many people gather at the front of the lagoon in World Showcase Plaza, so this spot tends to get very crowded. If you want to get close to the front I would suggest getting there early.  It might take a while to get out of this spot too, as the crowds will normally form a funnel to get to the main gate.

4. Between Norway and Mexico

Another great spot is between the Norway and Mexico pavilions. It's very open here, so there will be lots of space available.

3. IllumiNations Cruise

If it's in your budget, an IllumiNations Cruise can be one of the best firework experiences at Walt Disney World. Cruises run at $325 plus tax for up to 10 Guests. Guests may order private dining to be delivered to the cruise.

2. The Bridge connecting the UK and France Pavilions

As this spot is pretty close to EPCOT's second gate it will get pretty busy. If you get there early you can grab a great spot right near the lagoon, but there is sometimes a privet dining event on the lower deck so be prepared with another spot.

1. Canadian Pavilion

The all time greatest spot to watch IllumiNations is right in front of the Canadian pavilion. This spot is very open and doesn't attract a very big crowd at all. There is a slight slant to the ground here so I would suggest standing away from the water front in order to see more. Right after the fireworks have ended if you head to the main gate, you will find a path that is usually quite quiet.

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