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Disney: Fact or Fiction? Part 1 - Is Walt Disney a Haunted Mansion singing bust?

This post is part of the Orlando Vacation Tips blog series, "Disney: Fact or Fiction?" - Part 2

Well as promised, here is the first in a series of articles about all the Disney myths that you may hear. In this series I will prove all of the most famous claims that you have heard, true or false. This time we are talking about the Haunted Mansion, so climb in your Doom Buggy and let's visit those Grim Grinning Ghosts.

Claim: During the Haunted Mansion attraction, we encounter a group of busts singing in a graveyard. There are four still intact, but one broken with his head lying on the floor. The claim to this weeks installment of “Disney: Fact or Fiction?” is that Walt Disney providing the voice and visual for the broken bust.

Research: Upon researching this case countless times, and studying other peoples research, it has been proven that Thurl Ravenscroft provides the voice of the broken bust. Ravenscroft also voices Tony the Tiger (as well as many other Disney animated characters and theme park narrations). The main reason behind being mistaken for Walt Disney is that they have a very similar appearance. They both sport the same style of mustache, and their facial expressions can be matched quite well.

I’m sure you will notice these similarities in the following video.

Uploaded by tylerdim

If we look closely at another video of the loop projected onto a flat surface, we can clearly see that this bust (this time on the far right) is NOT Walt Disney.

Uploaded by evanfrederiksen

Final Verdict: FALSE!

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