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Disney: Fact or Fiction? Part 2 - Is there a secret club in Disneyland?

This post is part of the Orlando Vacation Tips Blog series "Disney: Fact or Fiction?" Part 1

So last time in the series we discovered that Walt Disney was in fact not a singing bust at the Haunted Mansion, and that the bust in question was actually voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft.

This week we ask the question, is there a secret club at Disneyland?

Claim: As you walk around New Orleans Square at the Disneyland Park, you look up to the second floor of the surrounding buildings and see people on the balconies. But wait... Those people look just like you. Not like the Cast Members who work at the park. So can you get up there? Or do you have to be part of a magical guest list? Is there really a secret club at Disneyland?

A secret club at Disneyland?

Research: For years now there has indeed been a secret club located in the New Orleans Square area of the Disneyland Park. Known as "Club 33" this members only restaurant is filled with elegance and mystique.

Inside Club 33.
The history of Club 33 dates back to when Walt Disney was alive. He originally intended it to be a privet facility where he could entertain park sponsors, however the club itself didn't open until after he had passed away. Since the opening of the club, it has been operating to Guests who purchase limited memberships.

It is reported that there is currently a very long wait list to become a member. The process to receive membership includes writing a letter to the club requesting information. Then after reviewing the information, writing a second letter requesting to become a member of the club and therein being placed on the waiting list. I've been told that the list moves very slowly, so potential members should be patient.

As reviewed on
Once a Guest is a member, they are required to make a reservation to attend the restaurant. On the day of their reservation, Guests who do not have an annual pass are required to report to the Disneyland Resort's Guest Services. After checking their ID against a guest list, the Cast Member gives them passes to both parks in the resort.

When it comes to their reservation time, they are to report at the secret doorway to the club in New Orleans Square. Upon opening the brass speaker box they are to push the button and reply to the answering Cast Member with their name and number of Guests they are bringing inside.
French lift at Club 33.

Once they have entered, the host will ask to take their coat and hat, and will then report to the maitre' d upstairs that the Guest's party have arrived.

When the maitre' d confirms that they are ready for the Guest, the host will ask if they would like to take the stairs or the French lift. A ride in the lift is highly suggested.

The Guest's can then enjoy a luxurious meal above New Orleans Square, looking down at the streets below. No doubt truly a magical experience.

After I had originally published this post I received a message from a reader saying that when they went on a behind-the-scenes tour of Disneyland, their tour guide explained that the imagineers had placed hidden microphones into the restaurant. Presumable these were so that the Guest's server could hear if they were slurping their drink, and know that it needed to be refilled. I cannot confirm that the microphones are still in place, but imagine that your server could hear every word you said. Your private conversation. Is this another great feature by Disney? Or a "big brother is watching" type stunt? Other features that have been rumoured are cameras in animatronics and peep holes in the artwork on the walls. If you have heard any other rumours such as this, I invite you to leave a comment below this post.

So in conclusion, there is indeed a secret club at Disneyland. But it may take you a while before you are invited.

Final Verdict: TRUE!

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